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Talk @ Nodevember (11/28/2017)
"React + Charts, With And Without Libraries"
Talk @ Reactathon (3/22/2018)
"Charts from Scratch in React"
Talk @ RevolutionConf '18 (5/17/2018)
"Building Browser Charts From Scratch: Why?? and How"


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HTTPSing Your WebsiteSeptember 06, 2017

Getting HTTPS on your site is all the rage these days, for some good reasons. Google's search rankings take into account whether a site is HTTPS or not. Google Chrome is going to start telling people your site is "Not secure" under certain circumstances, starting in Oct 2017. (It already shows a less obtrusive "i" symbol.)

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Two years ago I switched careers from animation to programming. I talked about my first week's of bootcamp experience in my first post on this blog but never really put the whole story anywhere. It was a pretty non-traditional trajectory, which is all the rage these days, so I thought I might write it up and see if anyone gets anything out of it. Inspiration or entertainment or whatever…

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JavaScript NLP Tree ParserJune 22, 2015

As part of the Crowd Parser project, I was working on a more sophisticated dependency tree parser to make an improved negation layer and make sure the positive/negative words used to score the tweet were actually referring to the keyword we were looking at.

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